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Diagnostics Laboratory

We are a young and dynamic team of innovative and open to cooperation with customers attitude .

We cooperate with public and non-public health care institutions. We try to meet all the expectations of our customers and go out against their needs.

We specialize in the distribution of an approved medical devices from the laboratory diagnostics and equipment for in vitro diagnostic (IVD). We offer the highest quality equipment and our range includes over 3,000 products manufactured in accordance with the standards of the ISI 9000.

We supply laboratories throughout the country. We work with laboratories for analytical, microbiological, industrial, pharmaceutical areas as well as with veterinary care , pathomorphology institutions and research institutions.

Our partners are major manufacturers of laboratory equipment and reagents in the world :

  1. Menzel Glaser - www.menzel.de
  2. LP Italiana - www.lpitaliana.com
  3. Sarstedt – www.sarstedt.com
  4. Kima – www.kima.it
  5. Heinz- Herenz – www.herenz.de
  6. Pointe Scientific – www.pointe.com.pl
  7. Cormay – www.pzcormay.pl
  8. Siemens – www.siemens.pl
  9. Bayer – www.bayer.com
  10. Roche – www.roche.pl
  11. Alpha Diagnostics – www.alphadiag.com.pl
  12. Poch – www.poch.com.pl
  13. Aqua Med. – www.aqua-med.pl

Furthermore, we have to offer products of companies:

  1. Deltalab
  2. Biohit
  3. Kartell
  4. Fl Medical
  5. Biosystems
  6. Sigma
  7. Merck

Contact the Department of Laboratory and Diagnostics:

tel. (+4871) 367 67 42

fax. (+4871) 367 68 41

e-mail: laboratorium@cezal.com.pl