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Department of Radiology of Medical Supply Center "Cezal" SA Wroclaw offers a radiological laboratory supplies for:

  1. X ray equipment (SIEMENS)
  2. film processors for diagnostics (KODAK, AGFA, PROTEC)
  3. Cloths for radiation protection (WIROMA)
  4. equipment for checking the quality of X ray films
  5. consumables like x ray films, reagents, cassettes of different manufacturers, intensifying screen rare (AGFA, KODAK, CAWO)
  6. necessary equipment for the operation of the X ray studio include loading tables, babix holders, X ray markers, digital ID camera.



Contact the Radiology Department:

tel. (+4871) 367 85 52 wew 260

fax. (+4871) 336 42 22

e-mail: radiologia@cezal.com.pl