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General medicine

General Medicine Department offers wide range of medical disposables of leading polish and foreign producers. We Supply to public and non public sector of healthcare service institution.

In our offer we have disposable medical equipment for the medical departments:

- Anesthesiology

- Surgery

- Operational Units

- Urology

- Gynecology

- Palliative Care

Our product range includes over 15 000 different types of medical equipment including electro medical equipment. Our suppliers are well known companies specialized in medical equipment manufacture. They are both foreign and domestic suppliers.

Domestic suppliers : Polfa Lublin, Erg Klobuck, MIFAM Milanowek, GALMED Bydgoszcz, Warsaw Sumi,

We are also a direct importer of medical devices in Western Europe, Malaysia, Japan, India, Pakistan and South Korea.

Among the products offered we can easily list: medical gloves, catheters, urine bags, syringes, needles, breathing filters , tracheostomy tubes, transfusion and infusion sets as well as many others.

Contact the department of general medicine:

tel. (+4871) 367 79 30

fax. (+4871) 367 35 48

e-mail: medycyna@cezal.com.pl