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Medical furniture

Department of Hospital Furniture of Medical Supply Center "Cezal" SA Wroclaw has a comprehensive equipment to hospitals and physicians' offices with modern equipment, providing comfort to the patient and medical personnel.

meble_medyczne1.jpgWe represent the largest and most famous manufacturers of medical equipment and furniture:

  1. Stolter
  2. Famed Żywiec
  3. Metalowiec
  4. Bakmed
  7. ALVO

meble_medyczne2.jpgOur offer includes a range of from the simplest medical furniture which could include: couch , screens, medical cabinets to more specialized medical equipment: beds for intensive care, operating tables. We also make non standard furniture unusual on the basis of information submitted by the customer needs.

The high quality of our products combined with competitive prices, create an attractive offer for our customers.

Contact the Furniture Department:

tel. (+4871) 367 85 52

fax. (+4871) 336 42 22

e-mail: radiologia@cezal.com.pl