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Medical Supply Center „Cezal” is an nationwide medical company specialized in medical devices supply to public and non public sector of healthcare service institutions with more than 60 years history in this field.

Since the mid 90s of last century as a holding company we have became the leader in medical devices supplies to healthcare service institution in Poland.

In 2006 we reorganized the structure of Cezal Group based on headquarter in Wroclaw with branch office in Cracow and subsidiary company “Centrowet-Cezal” in Poznan with branch offices in Slupsk and Gdansk. The structure also includes the chain of 22 Cezal retail shops all over Poland as well as the network of 17 sales representatives ready for cooperation with professional advice and assistance on our range of goods.

Companies of “Cezal “group specialize in complex service as far as supply of the disposable medical goods, medical devices, medical equipment, dental materials, hospital furniture and cloths, laboratory equipment, chemical reagents, disinfectants, X- ray units and films and many others used in healthcare institutions.

Together with coming into existence Cezal group companies the medical market could feel new quality of service as far as medical equipment supplies.

With initial capital exceeding over 33 million zlotys Cezal group turnover reaches more than 140 million zlotys yearly. The primary objective of our strategy is to achieve the company's leadership group in the regional markets in the supply of medical equipment through increased sales and significantly improve the quality of service. We wish to become the preferred supplier for all health care institutions in Poland.

Strengthening our position in the market we have not forgotten about self improvement. In 2003 we have implemented ( Wroclaw branch) quality management system in accordance with standards EN ISO 9001:2000.

Implementation was certified by DEKRA Intertec Certification GmbH in July 2004. In July 2007 we have renewed certificate for 3 another years.

We were also awarded many times for great performance by Gazela Biznesu in 2004, 2005, 2006.

No less then 5 times in years 2003-2007 we have received Lower Silesian Economic Certificate.

Since years we have been placed on ‘White List of Lower Silesian Companies” that confirms our great reliability, no outstanding obligations towards public and govern institutions and no payment delays to the counterparties.

Since 2008, we have began to implement a modern operating system that will allow us a much more efficient management of distributed organizational structure. However, one of the main objectives was to implement innovative solutions to allow smooth communication with the customers. Aspects we placed as priority were to facilitate and automize the process of placing orders as well as monitor their implementation.

A full insight into our offer is provided by E-Commerce. This is especially important for our network customers whom we are obliged to offer the same trading condition within the same network.

To ensure the most competitive prices and innovative products we continually develop our Foreign Trade Department, which deals with the implementation of new medical devices from around the world. We are direct importer from Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Pakistan, China, India and Malaysia.

We strongly believe that our offer as far as pricing and offer range arouse your interest and begin a period of long term and fruitful cooperation.